Ready for Anything.

Hi! My name is Inara. I’m an Australian, now living in North
Carolina, USA, with my husband and three girls.

I have known how to sew for most of my life, but started focusing on children’s clothes during my journey through infertility, and eventually, IVF. I would sew dolls, clothes, and other items for the children I dreamt of having as something to keep me hopeful.

Eventually, after a combined nine embryo transfers, we had our beautiful girls, Astrid and Marigold. And then, 17 months later, Birdie joined us, too! My sewing only continued during pregnancy –  I would sit at the machine late into the night as the pregnancy insomnia kept me up, keeping my hands busy as I waited for their arrivals. In fact, I sewed so much during my pregnancies with Marigold and Birdie that when they were born, both of them would only quiet when they heard the thump-thump-thump of the sewing machine!

This business is the product of middle of the night baby feedings and morning daydreams over hot tea. Quickly, it took off, growing more than I could have ever imagined, and I eventually left my job teaching Pre-K to sew and create full time. You’ll often find me in my studio, wearing a baby, chatting with another, all while pinning a hem.

I gravitated immediately towards organic pigments and fabrics, and soft and lush natural fibres. I also noticed a lack of diversity in prints in the market - designs BEYOND dinosaurs for boys and princesses for girls. It was time for options, to encourage children to reach their highest hopes and dreams.

Everything is cut, sewn, and designed by me in my home studio in North Carolina.

My girls are heavily involved in everything to do with the
business – they help me pick fabrics, designs, and love to play with fabric scraps and help press buttons on the machine. Everything I do, I do for them, and with them in mind, which means every piece available is made of soft, high-quality materials and timeless styles.

Thank you for shopping with us. I’m so glad you’re here!

Why the Name?

I started Astrid & Friends during a difficult journey through infertility - after many losses and multiple embryo transfers, we are so lucky to have three beautiful girls, Astrid, Marigold, and Birdie.

As she learned to speak, Astrid developed a habit of calling everyone 'friend'. From other babies, to stuffed animals, to her favorite blanket and the fork she used for dinner, everyone was a friend. So, it was no surprise when baby Marigold came home, she was dubbed 'Friend Marigold' almost instantly. When my husband and I sat on the couch late at night brainstorming names, “Astrid & Friends" came naturally. A name to represent all our babies, and the dozens of friends the girls make everywhere they go.