The Rainbow Collection

a collection inspired by the rainbow babies - the ones we wished for, hoped for, worked so hard for. made with love (and maybe a little bit of science, too!) the babies we spent so long dreaming of.


a portion of all rainbow collection sales will be donated to infertility advocacy and research.

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  • lovingly crafted with ethical production in mind, our pieces are made with USA-made, organic cottons, and high-quality eco friendly inks.

  • handmade!? yes, indeed! all pieces are made locally, and have to meet the highest quality standards - after all, we know kids are rough on clothes, and our pieces need to hold up! our pieces are made of the highest quality materials, so they're ready to place in the keepsake box and last for years to come.

  • we believe in prints inspired by childhood passions, for girls AND boys, beyond the typically found designs. we focus on inclusive prints for all kids, no matter what their interests and dreams.

Who We Are

i started astrid & friends on a whim, in the middle of the night. my second daughter was not a fan of sleeping, and i was spending my evenings sewing, ready for her to wake. one night, during a 3am feeding session, i put an application in for a craft market, before immediately forgetting about it and falling back asleep.

the next morning, i was surprised to find an acceptance in my inbox. three hours later, astrid & friends was officially born, and i was online, frantically placing fabric orders.

i quickly realized that i had a passion for natural, sustainable fibers and fabric printing methods, novelty prints and creating prints for girls and boys that are outside what is typically created - after all, girls deserve access to science themed clothing, and boys deserve prints that aren't just sharks and trucks! you'll find collections here that break the molds and give everyone access to high-quality clothing that will last to be handed down or placed in the heirloom box - while still making it through playtime.

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